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Mtron MSP 7000 SSD is one of the latest products on the fast growing SSD market, and we have to say that this one is one of the most interesting in a long time. Mtron has been focusing on performance since day one and its SSD units have been proven superior to practically all competing products. We have been waiting for the SSDs to claim the performance hill from the mechanical drives and even if the access times are nothing but breathtaking, the transfer rates and such have been a completely different story. Over at Anandtech, they’ve taken a closer look at Mtron MSP 7000 SSD and compared it to Western Digital Raptor 1500.

The fastest desktop harddrive of today versus the fastest SSD device and it’s pretty clear who’s gaining on who. Mtron’s 32GB SSD whips the Raptor drive in close to all tests and in some cases with a big margin. Mtron keeps a constant read speed of close to 110MB/s, and unlike a mechanical drive, there’s no performance loss toward the rim of the platters.

The SSD market is more and more looking like a threat to the mechanical drives, but the prices have to become a bit more humane before we will see any real progress. Unfortunately, Mtron MSP 7000 SSD will remain a dream to most computer enthusiasts as the price of the 32GB model is in the range of $2,000.

:: Mtron MSP 7000 SSD vs. WD Raptor 1500


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