Those who haven’t jumped on the SSD trend there is a big reason to do so in 2012 with Intel’s launch of Chief River, the mobile platform based on Ivy Bridge, which replaces Huron River and Sandy Bridge. A new technology from Intel will lower power consumption when in standby to the same levels as sleeping.

The new technology, currently nameless, takes the standby mode to a whole new level. The technology writes the DRAM data to the SSD and after a while puts the computer in a power saving mode where the energy consumption is lowered to levels far below regular standby. By using a SSD as the mid-storage point the system can boot up again in a flash (no pun intended) making it much faster than sleep even though the power saving is similar. It would take just seconds to get all your applications back after resting at very low energy levels.

You need the new Chief River platfomr with Ivy Bridge processor, Panther Point chipset, Windows 7, SSD and a BIOS that supports this. According to Fudzilla the new technology is only available with the mobile Chief River platform, but it would not surprise us if we see it with desktops as well as notebooks.

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