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Nintendo has earlier expanded its portable game console Nintendo DS with browser functionality now it seems the time has come for the next big feature. A picture has namely started to circulate, a picture taken from a brochure found at Nintendo’s booth during the Leipzig Game Convention, where Nintendo revealed a lot of information about a certain MP3 player module which will be sold as an accessory for Nintendo DS. The MP3 player module will be fitted into a slot and will according to the documentation also support Game Boy Advance. For storage you need an SD memory card, up to 2GB, which should be enough.

Nintendo MP3 player

  • For Nintendo DS (to be inserted into slot 2) and Game Boy Advance hardware
  • To store music you need SD cards. Up to 2 GB cards are supported, this equals to 500 songs (best sound quality)
  • Choose between different skins (including one with Mario)
  • The interface shows all important information
  • The unit itself features another headphone port

The good news (to us at least) is that the player seems to be aimed for the European market first, at least before the USA, with a launch date specified to October 8. It will cost 29.99 Euro and should be interesting for those who are missing some of the finesse PSP sports.


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