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Nintendo was the first company to release information about a controller with motion sensors for its coming video game console Wii. During E3 earlier this month all of a sudden Sony revealed its new controller, which also used physical movement to control in games motions. That this would cause discussions was hardly surprising and it is therefore no surprise that Nintendo now accuse Sony of simply copying its concept with motion sensors in the console’s controller. TO further empower the statement it has made connections to Sony’s use of force-feedback technology, which it supposedly copied from Immersion Corp, womsething we reported about earlier this week.

Nintendo’s British head man, David Yarnton, is the one who delivered most of these accusations against Sony.

”Historically we’re always developing new things. We know Sony have had a lot of issues with their rumble feature and they’ve had to withdraw it – because they didn’t innovate, they copied,” he said. ”With Nintendo, I’m trying to think of anything we’ve copied… but I can’t.”

Whether Sony has actually copied Nintendo or not is something we will never know, but you have to realize that all good ideas are going to be copied sooner or later, that it has happened so soon is just a proof of how ingenious the invention is, or perhaps how scared Sony are. Then we have to see if this has been done in a legal matter and how well the copy stands up to the original.

Saturo Iwata, VP of Nintendo, has stated otherwise though in an interview with the Seattle P-I. He did not feel threatened by Sony’s new controller as he still feels Nintendo has the upper hand and the best working controller. Something that remains to be seen, but so far is hard to argue with.

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