NVIDIA has announced that its NVIDIA 3D Vision technology is now available for free for web designers, which enables them to create sites that streams Stereo-3D (S3D) video to 3D Vision enabled PCs. To stream video in 3D over the Internet is something we’ve heard discussed, but NVIDIA seems to be the first to really make it happen.

NVIDIA’s Stereo-3D for the web is developed for Microsoft Media Platform (MMP) together with Microsoft’s framework Silverlight. MPP is built on an open source code to deliver stable, scalable and flexible media applications for the web.


”The Web is enabling an entirely new market for creating and delivering compelling, innovative 3D content,” said Jon Barad, senior business development manager at NVIDIA. ”Our 3D Vision technology now makes it easy for web developers to integrate world-class stereo 3D video capabilities into all types of sites.”

Currently there is a number of services for streaming video, but none supports Stereo-3D due to the lack of material. How popular this will become is hard to say, since only very few computers support NVIDIA 3D Vision, as it requires graphics cards from Nvidia, Nvidia’s 3D glasses and a TV or monitor with 120Hz refresh rate.

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