NVIDIA has so far only launched GeForce GTX 680, based on the new Kepler architecture and now the second card is coming, based on the same circuit. Those who were hoping for cheap card will have to wait some more though.

According to  ”Gibbo” at Overclockers.co.uk NVIDIA is about to prepare two new cards. GeForce GTX 670 Ti will replace the GeForce GTX 580 and target AMD Radeon HD 7950, while its GTX 670 will replace GeForce GTX 570. Both cards are said to sport 2 GB GDDR5 memory.

From what we have heard NVIDIA has no new circuit coming for a while. So in both cases we should be faceing a stripped down GK104 GPU, which is used by GeForce GTX 680. Both cards will make an entrance around the April/May shift with price around 360€ and 250€.

Other GeForce 600 series cards will take a while

He also says that the successor to GeForce GTX 560 Ti and GTX 560 are not due until much later on, and that the graphics cards GeForce GT 520 and GTX 550 Ti will be rebranded as the 600 series. This is a similar strategy AMD chose with Radeon HD 6400M, HD 6500M and HD 6600M, which became Radeon HD 7400M, HD 7500M and HD 7600M. We expect the same thing to happen in the desktop segment from AMD.

NVIDIA’s GTX 560 Ti and GTX 560 will have to try to hold its ground for some time

He also mentions GeForce GTX 690, a card based on two GK104 GPU circuits, which are used by GeForce GTX 680. According to him NVIDIA will only launch the card ”if needed” and we assume NVIDIA will target the coming AMD Radeon HD 7990 based on two Tahiti circuits. The big chip GK100 is not due until the third or possibly fourth quarter. What we can say for certain is that such a circuit i coming, not the least for NVIDIA’s lucrative Quadro and Tesla series for servers and the pofessional markets.

Judging from this information it looks like the cheapest graphics card in the NVIDIA GeForce 600 series will be GTX 670 for a long period of time, costing 250€. We recommend our readers to take this information with a pinch of salt until we can confirm them on our own.

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