NVIDIA had a lot of focus on Tegra 3 and discrete graphics cards where not even mentioned during the keynote speech. NVIDIA doesn’t have a single card at 28nm and its Kepler architecture is still missing in action, but according to the latest information it will appear in March or April.

AMD is expected to have its entire Southern Islands family out in the first quarter, and NVIDIA is nowhere to be found. The latest story from VR-Zone says the company will do a hard launch, and is therefore holding off. To being with NVIDIA had planned to release the first GeForce Kepler card in Q1, Quadro in Q2 and Tesla in Q3.

The revised plans from NVIDIA will make sure partners have enough cards for a hard launch, where availability will be better than from AMD. This suggests a launch in March or April for the first high-end circuits, which should be GK104, followed by graphics cards in the lower segments afterwards. Those who are also waiting for Intel Ivy Bridge, NVIDIA is just around the corner.

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