GTX 560 will replace GTX 460 in the mid-range and on paper it looks like an overclocked GTX 460, but also more efficient. NVIDIA has now released a preview of the coming card where it plays the anticipated title Duke Nukem: Forever.

GTX 560 will be the perfect card in the mid-range for gaming in HD according to NVIDIA. It tests the card in Duke Nukem: Forever, Alice: Madness Returns and Rift with settings turned up and things like NVIDIA 3D and PhysX set to Max.

At a glance the card looks like a winner, but until we see the first impartial reviews and a market price it is hard to say how good or bad it really is. GTX 560 look identical to GTX 460 in the specifications, but the frequencies have been moved up from 675 MHz to 820 MHz on the GPU, 1350 MHz to 1640 MHz on the shaders and the memories have been pushed to 4008 MHz. The power consumption of GTX 560 is said to be 150W, which is 10W less than GTX 460.

Source: NVIDIA

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