Anyone can speculate on what the future can look like and NVIDIA VP Jen-Hsun ”Jensen” Huang believes the PC will be replaced by tablets and the traditional PC moves into the cloud.

Much is going on the semiconductor and hardware industry. Besides smartphones and tablets continue to grow and take shares of the market, the traditional computer is going through changes. We already have Intel’s Ultrabook concept that will embrace touchscreens and ASUS Transformer-like design concepts. NVIDIA’s VP believes that most people will one day no longer have a regular computer, but will get by with just a tablet, while the PC moves into the cloud.

”[One day] I might not even have a PC anymore – I’ll have a tablet and a PC on a cloud,” – NVIDIA VP and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

This is many years into the future. Especially notebooks continue to lose weight, and solutions like detachable screens to tranform them into a tablet are becoming more common. There are also plans for wireless docking stations for smartphones and tablets, and everything points to that the PC will be phased out.

This is one of many possible future scenarios, but we have a hard time imagining the PC disappearing altogether. High-end system will always be in demand, but for the majority of users this is a possibility, and not impossible.

Source: Forbes


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