Nvidia has published its fiscal report fo the latest quarter, that ended July 31st. The graphics company increased its revenue not just since Q1 but also year-to-year. It grew with more than just a few percent across the lineup since Q1, but its retail products with the system processor Tegra leading them was up with 36.8%.

Nvidia still has its biggest revenue in discrete graphics where the GPU section with GeForce cards and chipset reported an income of 638.5 miljoner dollar, which was 0.1% more than Q1. Nvidia’s business section with Tesla and Quadro systems was up 4.2% with a revenue of 210.3 million dollar. Even if the retail products with Tegra and recently acquired Icera models have had a relatively small portion of the revenue it has increased with 36.8% and started to gain on the other product categories. The total revenue for retail products landed at 167.7 million dollar, which isn’t just because of Tegra, but clearly shows that Nvidia’s work with ARM is paying off.


At the same time it was revealed that it has increased its market shares on the mobile discrete market with 8.9 percentages. In Q2 2011 it had discrete chips in 50.6% of all sold notebooks. A number that is expected to increase in Q3 after the introduction of the GeForce 500M series that has been adopted by several major manufacturers, including ASUS, MSI and Clevo. Nvidia’s graphics switching technology Optimus and the sales of mobile GPUs was one of the biggest reasons for the fin result, said VP Jen-Hsun Huang.

  Q2 FY’11 Q1 FY’12 Q2 FY’12
Revenue 811.2 million dollar 962 million dollar 1.017 billion dollar
Net result
-141 million dollar 135.2 million dollar 151.6 million dollar
Gross margin
16.6% 50.4% 51.7%

On the whole NVIDIA reported a revenue of over 1 billion dollar and a net result of 151.6 million dollar. A big increase from the loss of 141 million dollar last year. The gross margin has increased a lot to record high 51.7% from 16.6% of last year. It believes it can keep this up during Q3 with a revenue increase of 4-6% and a maintained gross margin

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