NVIDIA’s outspoken VP Jen-Hsun Huang has offered his views on the current legal battle with Intel during an interview with Fortune Magazine. Intel started by suing NVIDIA for making chipsets without proper license, and NVIDIA countered by suing Intel for hindering competing companies from using its technologies. At the same time NVIDIA is part of the suit that was submitted by the FTC where Intel was accused for foul play against, amongst other, AMD and NVIDIA on the PC market.

Jen-Hsun Huang claims that NVIDIA is not only looking forward to meeting Intel in court when the license debacle goes up later this year. He claims that NVIDIA is not aiming for a settlement since there is no economical hardship to pull through for NVIDIA, and it believes to have the court on its side.

It claims that Intel’s arguments are pure nonsense and that the court will rule in NVIDIA’s favor. Whatever happens, we’re pretty sure Jen-Hsun will remain optimistic and consider NVIDIA the superior company;

The video can be found at CNN Money.

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