OCZ Technology took a break from its SSDs and presented two new series of DDR3 memories. Both OCZ Blade 2 and Xtreme Thermal Exchange (XTE) series focus on new heatspreaders and will offer more efficient cooling at speeds up to 2400 MHz.

OCZ Blade 2 takes over where the precursor left off and offers enthusiast memories for demanding overclockings and enthusiasts. Beside a new heatspreader made from eloxed aluminum with fins the new modules are made for handling even higher frequencies. Blade 2 is available in two speeds, 2133 MHz and 2400 MHz, and uses 2GB modules with dual and triple channel memory kits. With peak frequencies of 2400 MHz Blade 2 settles for CL 9-11-9-24 timings. At 2133 MHz OCZ has tightened them to more aggressive CL 7-10-7-24.


OCZ has also launched two new series using the new XTE heatspreader. OCZ Platinum XTE and Gold XTE use the heatspreader and it has a relatively low profile and eloxed aluminum to keep the memories cool. The Platinum series offers clock frequencies between 1600 MHz and 2133 MHz with varying timings depending on freqeuncy. OCZ Gold XTE comes at only 2000 MHz and 2133 MHz and has similar timings as the Platinum series, all modules are 2GB and can be found in a variety of kits.




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