Small preview image is one of the most popular office suits we have today and one of the major reasons for this is of course that OOo is free. The greatest acknowledgment is of course own merits and the fact that the suite is appreciated by the users. released version 3.0 yesterday, containing Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw and Math. OpenOffice 3.0 comes with numerous big news since the older v.2.4.1.

First of all, OOo is now completely Mac OS X compatible has support for most of the file formats brought to the market by Microsoft Office 2007. They have also revised the user interface that should bring it closer to the set of features used by Office 2007.

The interest for OpenOffice 3.0 have been massive, so massive that the website has been nearly impossible to reach for the last day and at the moment it just has a list of download mirrors, which is of course enough for those who want to download and test the new office suit.

:: Download OpenOffice 3.0

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