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Overclocking is something we hold dear here at NH and no matter what product we’re talking about it’s always the optimal performance we’re looking for. Now an article about how to overclock one of the lastest video game consoles has apeared, namely Nintendo’s portable DS Lite. It is a Japanese overclocker (?) that has created a ”turbo-switch” that makes it possible to run the consle at 1.7x the normal speed. The brag-factor of having an overclocked Nintendo DS Lite console is quite high, especially when we can see that the modification is quite simple.

Exactly how useful this is can of course be discussed as DS Lite, just as most other video game consoles, has its games developed for its default speed. Overclocking the hardware doesn’t mean that you will get more frames per seconds per say making the game flow more stable. Nope, instead you get extremely fast games with some very interesting sound effects. The whole guide with pictures and all can be found at There is also a short movie showing how the console reacts to overclocking.


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