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The Radeon X1900-series is the best performing video card series on the market together with NVIDIA’s GeForce 7900 series, but there are always those who wants more. Through overclocking you can achieve even better performance and that way make sure you get even more value out of your new video card. Overclocking your card can be done rather easily today and you can gain quite a lot of performance with very small means. But those who feel they want to approach the whole ordeal in the right manner and not leave anything up to chance there are a lot of things to think about.

At Madshrimps they’ve published an article that will walk you through how to overclock Radeon X1900-based cards and they discuss everything from cooling to how you increase the frequencies and voltages in the best way, without physical modifications. An interesting article for those who wants to squeeze the the last few drops out of their X1900 cards and do it right from the beginning.

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