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Palit has launched a new graphics cards of the Super+ series, a series known for its large memory buffers. Palit GeForce 8500GT Super+ 1GB is certainly no exception as Palit has equipped it with 1GB GDDR2 memory. Palit is absolutely right when they claim that the card will not suffer from any kind of bottlenecks due to insufficient graphics memory. To be fair, NVIDIA’s GeForce 8500 chip is probably what is going to limit the performance, and would be even with less memory, making 1 GB graphics memory far from necessary. Even though there are applications that would gain from a large memory buffer, that’s not enough to make it a good purchase for gamers.

The big, unanswered, question is how much the additional memory will cost. But then again, if you want to impress your friends a large memory buffer is certainly a start.

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