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Paper is one of the resources we have more than plenty of and can produce more of at a very low cost. So the fact that research is being made on how to use paper as a storage media should raise an eyebrow or two. Sainul Abideen is the man behind this and he has now presented his research to a reporter at Arab News (via TechWorld). By using geometric shapes (cubes, triangles, etc.) and colors in various patterns it will be possible to store several hundreds of GB on a single A4 sheet. But then we also have the problem that paper is terribly sensitive, not to say delicate, but that hasn’t stopped Abideen from continuing his research.

The big advantage is of course the price and he is currently working on making a scanner that will make the storage suitable to be used with laptops and such portable units. Alas, the investors haven’t exactly been throwing themselves at the project, which makes one doubt any future commercial products.


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