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Peltiers are small thermoelectric elements which works kind of like a heat pump. It consists out of two layers where you move the heat from one to other by applying voltage. Peltiers were quite common with high-end cooling devices a few years, but are still being used today. Swiftech is one of the companies who have kept making these elements and now our forum user super_dank has slapped on one of Swiftech’s MCW60-T on his Radeon X1900XTX to see what it will do to the temperatures and of course the overclocking ability.

He managed to reach a core frequency of 765MHz, but alas had to experience the same as so many overclockers; that the memory frequency didn’t go as far as he wanted it to. It stopped at 774MHz. It’s well known that the X1900 was a bit memory bandwidth-starved, which ATI managed to improve quite a lot with X1950 and its GDDR4 memory.

Paired with a Core 2 Duo E6600 clocked at 3.6GHz he manged to reach a 3DMark 05 score 14316 points and 7061 points with 3DMark 06.


:: Check out the thread in the forum


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