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Penryn is the name of Intel’s coming core architecture and Wolfdale is the code-name for the coming dual-core based on the Penryn architecture. Not too long ago we heard rumors that Intel was speeding up the development of Wolfdale and that we might see it even sooner than we had first anticipated; the fall, instead of the end of 2007. Chilehardware now reports that a Chinese forum user has posted some information and benchmarks of what is suppose to be a Wolfdale processor running at 2.66 GHz,

The benchmarks aren’t exactly overwhelming, but at this early stage we can’t say that we were hoping for much more. What we would like to know was how hot it ran and what kind of overclocking potential there is. The frequency, 2.66 GHz, is lower, or even a lot lower, than what we’ve seen on roadmaps in the past, but then again this is just an engineering sample.

It’s good to see though that the current lineup of motherboard supports Penryn without any fuss as the benches were performed with an ASUS P5K Deluxe. There is also a SuperPi score, but since there is no information about the frequency during the test, there is no telling what the 14s benchmark really means.


Until later, this is indeed promising, but far from revolutionizing. Considering we know even less about the performance of Barcelona it’s hard to say anything really about these benchmarks.


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