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Pentium E2160 will be one of the first Pentium processors that are based on Intel’s new Core 2 architecture. Two new Pentium models of the E21x0 series will be launched on June 3 and has been designed for the budget market. Both Pentium E2160 and Pentium E2140 sport a 200MHz processor bus (800MHz quad-pumped), 1MB L2 cache and are based on the Intel Allendale core. The clock frequencies are at 1.8GHz and 1.6GHz respectively, but then we know for sure that most Core 2 processors can easily be overclocked to more than 3GHz.

This has once again been proven by a user at XtremeSystems forum as he has now published some overclocking results with Pentium E2160. Using solely air cooling, he has managed to push the processor to 3.6GHz, which is an improvement of 100% and even faster than Intel’s current Core 2 flagship. The reason the processor didn’t go any further was a FSB bug at 400MHz (1600MHz quad-pumped), which made it impossible to go any further.

If Pentium E2160 will offer this overclocking potential at a mere $80 we may have a new Celeron era coming.


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