TUL Corporation is one of AMD’s key partners on the graphics side and it has now introduced the PowerColor SCS3 HD 6850 sporting passive cooling with carefully selected components and same clock frequencies as regular 6850 with fans. This was made possible through a custom PCB and a huge cooler.

The cooler of PowerColor SCS3 HD 6850 sports five heatpipes running through 62 fins of aluminum. Besides that it has also mounted a cooling plate, which is probably even more aluminum to cover the memory circuits and the rest of the main components.


The graphics card comes with selected components in PowerColor’s Gold Power Kit for energy efficiency and stable overclocking, but we don’t know if we recommend overclocking a passive graphics card if you don’t have an extreme airflow. The card comes with a clock frequency at 775 MHz on GPU and 4000 MHz on the memory with 256-bit memory bus like a regular HD 6850.

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