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PowerColor X1900 GT has just been launched and just as we’ve seen indications for it is stripped version of ATI’s flagship X1900 XTX. Radeon X1900 GT will be the new introduction model of the X1900 series,, slightly cheaper that X1900 XT, the latter will be still be around but for those who have been missing a competitor for NVIDIA’s GeForce 7900 GT ATI has now supplied one. Radeon X1900 GT comes with a bit fewer pixel shader processors, 36 compared to 48st with X1900XTX/XT, and a bit lower frequencies. The graphics processor work at 575MHz while the card’s 256MB GDDR3 memory works at 1.2GHz. The XTX and XT models comes with 512MB graphics memory working at 1.55GHz and 1.45GHz.

PowerColor X1900 GT uses a single slot cooler and has just as rumors has stated a recommended price at $349, to be able to compete with NVIDIA’s popular GeForce 7900 GT. PowerColor’s card is just one out of many X1900 GT cards that will be launched this week and we will be able to supply you with more information about these soon.

Source: PowerColor


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