Imagine Technologies GPU family PowerVR have done very well in the mobile market and the GPUs from the PowerVR 5 series can be found in nearly everything from Apple iPad 2 to PlayStation Vita. The company now says that the next generation GPU family PowerVR 6, dubbed Rogue, has been licensed by six leading chip makers.

The PowerVR 6 series has been up before when Imagine Technologies claimed the new Rogue architecture is capable of 20-100 times better performance than current mobile chips, which sounds amazing. In interviews representatives have talked about PC like performance and even if we should consider this with a pinch of salt it does seem like PowerVR 6 will be something out of the ordinary. Imagine Technologies says that chip makers have realized this as well and six major players have acquired licenses for the new Rogue architecture.

Some of the big names that have taken a shine to PowerVR 6 include ST-Ericsson that will implement the new graphics circuit in the SoC Nova. Also Texas Instrument is planning to use the new PowerVR chip in coming OMAP processors.

A5CPUApple A5 house the latest generation PowerVR series, PowerVR SGX543MP2

Besides high performance the chip makers do like the backwards compatibility of the PowerVR series, something that remains intact with Rogue. Since many games and applications have been optimized for PowerVR this offers a good base for them to stand on.

When the first PowerVR 6 SoCs emerge is uncertain, but most likely the first samples should be out by the end of the year. This should mean products should be out in the open in the latter half of next year.

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