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The Solid State Drive technology is immensely popular and more and more manufacturers are launching more and more SSDs all the time. The number of SSDs that have appeared during the last few months have been multiplying. What they all have in common though, is that they are usually of the 2.5″ format and have a storage capacity of 32GB-64GB. This is far from impressive compared to the mechanical drives, but still enough for a laptop, as it is quite common to complete them with external storage. PQI has launched a new top model if its SSD family and it is really pushing the limits of the technology, it namely sports a storage capacity of 256GB (!), up to par with mechanical drives of this format.

PQI 256GB SSD Turbo+ is the name of the new drive and except from its massive storage capacity, the drive sports the SATA interface and a transfer rate close to 60MB/s. PQI has raised the bar for 2.5″ SSDs, but there’s no mention of the price. We’re not dumb enough to ask either.


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