AMD did a sneak launch of the rumored HD 6930 and like NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti 448 it is in limited supply. The card sports a reduced Cayman core, but is not far behind HD 6950 in performance.

The world is preparing itself for the launch of AMD’s new flagship at 28nm; HD 7970 and therefore the new HD 6930 is not getting much attention. The card is based on a Cayman core with two more SIMD clusters deactivated over HD 6950, but will not launch globally. The card will only be sold in a few regions, where China is one of the more important.


Model HD 6930 HD 6950 HD 6970
Core Cayman CE Cayman Pro Cayman XT
Node 40 nm 40 nm 40 nm
SIMD clusters 20 22 24
Radeon cores
1 280 1 408 1 536
GPU frequency
750 MHz 800 MHz 880 MHz
Texture units
80 88 96
ROPs 32 32 32
Memory bus
256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Memory buffer
1 / 2 GB GDDR5 1 / 2 GB GDDR5 2 GB GDDR5
Memory frequency
4 800 MHz 5 000 MHz 5 500 MHz
Bandwidth 153,6 GB/s 160 GB/s 176 GB/s
Price ? 230€ 300€

HD 6930 is not coming to our part of the world, but can still be interesting to read about. Chinese Expreview has tested HD 6930 with 2GB memory and compared it to HD 6950 2GB and GTX 560 Ti 1 GB. The card is on average 6.15 percent behind HD 6950, and 9.48 percent behind GTX 560 Ti, which was to be expected. It might be that the card appears on more market later on, if AMD needs to empty out stock, but chances are pretty slim.

HD_6930b HD_6930c

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