AMD’s latest architecture together with TSMC manufacturing technology makes HD 7970 the best graphics card on the market, but it comes at a high price. The clock frequencies of the somewhat reduced version is out.

We have known about the hardware specifications of HD 7950 for a while, sans the frequencies. According to sources to Donanimhaber the new graphics card from AMD will be clocked at 800 MHz, and 1250 MHz (5 000 MHz effectively) on the memory. The clock frequency of the card is a bit below 900 MHz rumors mentinoed, but AMD probably decided to hold back a bit to make the difference between the cards bigger.

Model HD 7970 ”Tahiti XT” HD 7950 ”Tahiti Pro”
Technology 28nm 28nm
Circuit size
365mm² 365mm²
GCN units
32 28
Radeon cores
2048 1792
GPU frequency
925 MHz 800 MHz
GFLOPS 3789 2867
Memory buffer
Memory bus
384-bit 384-bit
Memory frequency
1375 MHz
(5500 MHz effectively)
1250 MHz
(5000 MHz effectively)
ROPs 32 32
Texture units
128 112
Price ~500€ ~400€

According to the lucky few users that have managed to get a HD 7970, but also our own tests HD 7970 has a really high overclockingn potential. Most seem capable of 1100 MHz without higher voltage, and since HD 7950 is basically the same circuit, there should be the same room for overclocking.

The launch of Radeon HD 7950 was postponed for a hard launch after harsh critique from the media. The new date is January 31st, but we have still not heard from AMD. HD 7970 costs about 500€ and HD 7950 should cost about 100€ less.

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