ID Software is working on its next generation FPS title RAGE and before the launch in October it has posted a video preview and the history of ID. We not only learn about how the company worked on the new engine ID Tech 5 but also a trip back to some of the classic games we have some many familiar memories of.

ID Software will be release the post-apocalyptic shoot-em-up RAGE on October 7th 2011 and the heart of the game is the new engine ID Tech 5 that was designe dby legendary game creator John Carmack.

ID Software’s latest RAGE video focuses on the story behind RAGE, where it talks about the work on games like Wolfenstien, Doom and Quake. Experience and knowledge that is the base for RAGE. A short but nostalgic view with more information on the work with ID Tech 5.0 and RAGE.

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