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Hardcore Computers har gjort själv för namnet när man nu lanserat sitt nya system Reactor. Detta är nämligen den första komersiella PCn som kyler komponenterna genom att sänka ner dem i en vätska. Vätskan som man kallar Core Coolant är specialutvecklad för att ha en hög värmeledningsförmåga samtidigt som den inte är elektriskt ledande. Enligt Hardcore Computers ska detta göra det möjligt att kyla även de mest extrema datorkonfigurationer utan problem eller höga ljudnivåer. Vi kan inte säga annat än att man verkar lyckats bra med den estetiska designen och även om funktionaliteten är lika bra kan priset bli ett problem. Priset börjar nämligen på runt 45 000 kronor.

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Hardcore Computer Launches Reactor

Rochester, Minnesota (October 21, 2008) Hardcore Computer, Inc., the industry’s most innovative computer design and manufacturing company, announced the launch of Reactor™, the world’s first commercially available high-performance PC with total liquid submersion cooling technology.

Developed for hardcore computer users such as gamers, graphic artists, audiophiles, industrial designers, engineers, medical imaging technicians and military technologists, Reactor™ was designed for performance and quality with patented technologies and innovations never before available in a desktop system.

Hardcore Computer, Inc. submerged all of the heat-producing components — the CPU, motherboard, video card, memory and power supplies — in a custom dielectric fluid they have named Core Coolant™, eliminating heat-related computing limitations. Reactor™ incorporates the benefits of liquid submersion cooling with twin additive and redundant server-class 650Watt power supplies; audiophile-quality Creative Labs X-Fi, EAX, 7.1-channel Dolby® digital surround sound embedded on the motherboard; three on-board SATA solid-state drives configured in an ultra-fast RAID 0 array; and two truly hot-swappable external hard drives.

Form following function, Reactor™ has a distinctive look. Locating the majority of I/O on the top of the case for easy access resulted in the unique Spinal Cord™ cable management system, another industry first for a desktop system. Also on the case top are optional, dual, diversity Wi-Fi antennas. The system chassis incorporates handles that serve as a means for transporting Reactor™. The handles also aid in the removal of the system core, which includes all of the computer’s active components, from the liquid for maintenance or upgrades. Over-clocking enthusiasts will appreciate a CMOS battery and BIOS reset switch located on the lid, inside a push-push access hatch door. Reactor™ also sports user-selectable internal tank and chassis base lights.

The result is a cool and quiet state-of-the-art system that provides full-throttle processing, sustained over-clocking, HD/3D realism with maximum frame rates, an easily upgradable modular design and a rugged custom chassis. The liquid submersion technology also ensures stable, 24/7/365 hardware reliability.

“Based on market research and early adopter feedback, we’re certain that anyone that requires or demands a system with fast boot and application loads, reliability, cool and quiet operation and over-the-top benchmarks will appreciate the innovations that Hardcore Computer put into Reactor™,” said Al Berning, CEO, Hardcore Computer, Inc. “We have taken a quantum leap in computing technology by offering features never before seen in a desktop system.”

Reactor™ is available for purchase through the company web site at Systems are available pre-configured or built to specification through the Hardcore Computer, Inc. system configurator, which allows for quick and efficient selection of compatible components.

About Hardcore Computer, Inc.

Hardcore Computer, Inc. custom designs and manufactures top-tier, high-performance computer systems. These systems use patented liquid submersion cooling technology to remove the main barrier of electronics performance — heat. In addition to high-performance desktop computer systems, Hardcore’s liquid submersion technology is suitable for cooling a number of computing platforms, such as servers, storage systems and laptops.

Hardcore Computer, Inc. is setting a new standard for desktop computer performance, reliability and quality.

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