Samsungs AMOLED screens have become mighty popular for smartphones. The company has now teamed up with Corning and developed a unique glass – Lotus Glass – to protect and improve image quality with Samsung’s OLED screens.

Samsung uses Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology in most smartphones, but calls it AMOLED, short for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. The technology requires no backlighting and for that reason can achieve near unlimite contrast ratio, and very realistic blackess. 

Corning is perhaps best known for its Gorilla Glass for mobile screens and made a great impression on the smartphone market. Gorilla Glass is used by several manufacturers an its main purpose is to protect the sensitive panel against scratches and other damages.

Together with Samsung Mobile Devices, Corning has launched a joint venture and development of a new generation of protection glass that will be uniquely developed for OLED-base panels. Lotus Glass is the name of the technology and will be use in everything from smartphones to TVs and other screen-based products.

Lotus Glass will not only protect OLED screens but also improve response time, image quality an enable higher resolutions. At the same time energy consumption will be reduced substantially over current solutions.

When we see the first products sporting Lotus Glass is not entirely clear, but the latest information suggests that next generation Galaxy phones will be first in line. This should mean an introduction on the market around the Summer 2012.

Source: AndroidAndMe

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