Samsung has announced that it will be the first manufacturer of memory circuits for the next generation of game consoles and computers. We’re talking about new 512-megabit GDDR3 chip that Samsung now has started to massproduce. The process will start a few months before Xbox 360 makes its debute, the first system that will use the new GDDR3-chip to a larger amount. The same chip will probably be used with graphic cards with 512MB memory as well. The chip will be able to work at 1.6 gigabit per second which you can compare to today’s top of the line chip which is 256-megabit and works at 1.4 gigabit/s. Samsung has also started to develop a 2.0 gigabit chip that will increase performance another 50%. The new 512-megabit chip will most likely be used with nVidia’s new 7800-series.

Source: Reuters

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