Samsung has had a flexible AMOLED screen in development, also refered to as ”indestructible”. The development has reached a stage when it is time to try and find a place for it in retail products, where it will be known as Youm.

Where the name Youm comes from, or if it has some sort of special meaning, reports doesn’t say, all we know is that is what it will be called. The company as sent in a patent application for the name, which should pass as long as no other company has applied for it before.


Youm has its roots in the OLED technology and what makes the different is that Youm uses film instead of glass. This will make it thinner, lighter and as good as indestructible . Everything can be destroyed with the proper amount of force, but in demonstrations of the screen Samsung has mistreated the screen pretty badly using a hammer without even the slightest mark.

The first flexible AMOLED screen measures 4.5″ diagonally with WVGA (800 x 480) resolution, while being only 0.3 millimeter thick. Also screens with WXGA (720 x 1 280) resolution is in development, but has not been shown in public by Samsung. The screen is expected to go into mass production in Q2, and be available in retail products later on. There is a rumor that Samsung will release a telefphone based on the new technology later this year, but at the moment those are all the details we have.

Source: OLED-Display

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