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SanDisk has officially launched its first SSD device and the 2.5″ flash harddrive has a 32GB capacity. SanDisk relies on the Serial ATA interface and says that the new drive has been designed to replace the traditional harddrives inside of today’s notebooks. SanDisk’s 32GB SSD will offer a constant read speed at 67MB/s, which is really high for a harddrive of this format, unfortunately there is no record of the write speed. SanDisk will launch the new SSD during CeBIT and we’re really looking forward to hearing more about the first commercial SSDs.

”With no moving parts, SanDisk SSD SATA 5000 2.5″ does not need to spin up into action or to seek files in the way that conventional hard disk drives do, while also eliminating the limitations of random seek performance. These characteristics, combined with SanDisk advanced flash management technology, enable SanDisk SSD to achieve performance that is approximately twice as fast as the hard disk drive.”

It’s interesting to see that SanDisk has revised the price of its SSD. When we last heard about its 32GB SSD the price was expected to be about 600 USD. This has now been reduced to 350 USD at large quantities. Exactly what this will be in retail channels is hard to say, but we’re still curious to find out more about the performance of the drive. More information about SanDisk SSD SATA 5000 can be found at the manufacturer’s website.


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