SanDisk looks to be the first memory manufacturer to get 32GB microSDHC memory modules to reach the consumer market. The MicroSDHC format is mostly used in smartphones and today has a limit of 16GB. Even if Samsung announced that it had developed a 32GB MicroSDHC module a couple of months ago, no such modules has entered the market as of today. Something that SanDisk now has announced that it will be the first to achieve.

SanDisk writes in a press release that from this day, the 23th of March, it will begin to ship its new memory modules to distributors and resellers in addition to the fact that customers will be able to find the modules on the SanDisk website.

SanDisk uses a new 32nm manufacturing process to be able to double the storage capacity of this already small format and ships the modules together with a five year warranty and carries a retail price of $199.99.

”The 32GB SanDisk microSDHC card also lets mobile network operators (MNO) and handset manufacturers (OEMs) equip their subscribers with enough storage to match the industry’s leading smartphones. By bundling SanDisk’s new card with the phone, consumers get high-capacity mobile storage in a convenient form factor.”

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