Sandy Bridge-EP will be the server version of Intel’s coming LGA2011 platform expected to launch later this year. Unlike the retail version of Sandy Bridge-E, the EP processors will have 8 cores. Why the retail version doesn’t have this might be because a 3.0 GHz model will ship with 150W TDP specification.

The information comes from Asian master leaker JCornell who has posted screenshots from an early test system with two Sandy Bridge-EP processors on the LGA2011 platform.

The system is equipped with dual Sandy Bridge EP processors made with 32nm technology clocked at 3.0 GHz. According to the CPU-Z screenshot published on an Asian hardware forum we can conclude that the processor come well equipped. Besides 8 cores and HyperThreading for 16 threads, there is a big 20MB L3 cache. Unfortunately the heavy gearing comes with drawbacks, such as a 150W TDP. He also show screenshots from a sample working at 2.3 GHz and rated 130W TDP.

sbep2With this kind of power consumption we can understand that Intel has chosen not to launch a retail version at decent clocks, that at the same time doesn’t consume too much power. If these numbers and specifications stand on launch day is harder to say, but it looks like Intel will need the fresh 22nm technology to fit 8 cores on the same silicon in the retail channel.

Interestingly there are pictures comparing the Sandy Bridge successor Ivy Bridge (22nm, LGA1155) to Sandy Bridge-E (32nm, LGA2011). With double the memory channels, more cores and more transisors there is a substantial size difference.

sbepIvy Bridge is expected to launch in Q2 2012, while the enthusiast platform Sandy Bridge-E should arrive in January 2012. Sandy Bridge-EP could premier earlier, but this is still uncertain.

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