Seasonic has released a couple of new models with the exclusive 80 PLUS Platinum certification where a new 1,000 watt model will be the main attraction. The 80PLUS Platinum certificate means an efficiency up to 94% at 50% load.

The PSU packed with features, fully modular, Japanese capacitors certified for 105°C, quiet 120mm San Ace fan from Sanyo Denki with fan control for normal or hybrid operation, where hybrid shuts off the fan at low loads. At 50% load the fan operates at 16dBA and then spins up at load.

Seasonic Platinum includes two models, 860W and 1000W with a massive +12V rail at 71A and 86A respectively, and both are covered by 7 years of warranty.

Worth mentioning is that many other power supply companies are using units made by Seasonic, including Corsair, Antec and XFX. This gives hope for more Platinum certified units on the market soon.


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