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Power supply manufacturer Seasonic was first shows a 80 Plus Gold certified PSU back in 2005, but today four years later many are starting to catch up. At the same time the technology has made it possible to achieve over 90% efficiency, which is required for 80 Plus Gold, at typical load. Now that Seasonic has launched the X series it has been awarded the highest certification possible, but it’s not just the power that arouses our interest.

Seasonic has displayed some fresh thinking and developed a cooling that enables the power supply to run completely passive when the load is 20% or less. Although, the temperature sensor can still trigger the fan if the ventilation of the case is insufficient.

The X series use optimized components and design for less heat emissions, making this solution possible. The series will appear on the market within a month, with two models rated at 650W and 750W respectively, both with completely modular cables.



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