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We reported about how Steve Ballmer repeated his threats against Linux and that if it doesn’t stop infringing on Microsoft patents there will be legal consequences. As a reaction the site has been launched. The site is simply an open letter to Steve Ballmer where they simply ask him to present the code that he has referred to repeatedly. At the same time, they are seeking support from the big Linux profiles and urge Ballmer to back up his claims by May 1st, otherwise they will consider the whole ordeal just one big and empty threat without any kind of foundation.

”If Linux developers are made aware of the code, then the code can be omitted and Linux can re-write necessary aspects of the kernel or operating system.  This is a fairly simple request and common courtesy. Why wave around lawsuit threats, threats that will cost Microsoft in a court room as well as the defendants? It lacks logic, especially when you consider that there are developers around the world who would be more than happy to work with Microsoft to resolve this issue. Don’t you owe it to your shareholders to work with others to ensure their intellectual property isn’t being violated?”

Without any backing from any of the big distributions the letter is without any real punch though, but we will simply have to wait and see if any will join their cause.

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