SilverStone has announced an updated version of the PS01 case. The case company has painted the whole thing black, and reduced the weight by around 250 gram.

SilverStone PS01-E uses a fullcover front hiding the nine external 5.25″ drives. Behind the panel is a 120mm fan with blue LEDs, together with a 120mm fan without LED at the back of the case it makes sure to keep the components are kept cool. Both fans spin at 1200 RPM.


PS01 measures 200 (B) x 456 (H) x 500 (D) mm and weighs 6.74kg (down from 7kg) where the interior is just as black as the exterior. The plate has holes for making lagre cooler installations easier, and room for an additional 120/140mm fan in the roof of the case.

At the top you will find a collection of in and outputs for audio, USB and FireWire. The price is around $80.



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