SilverStone Temjin TJ12 is the direct opposite to the slim mini PCs we see so often. The case prototype shown at Computex is an overgrown fulltower case where Silverstone has allowed the case to grow in all directions. It can hold up to 19 expansion cards and two power supplies, and has been presented with six GeForce GTX 480/580 cards.

Temjin TJ12 is just limited by the slots on the motherboards and the space between them, but by using PCI Express x16 extension cords you can install six dual-slot cards, without being crowded. At the same time there is space for more cards, if the motherboard allows.

Silverstone can’t say if Temjin TJ12 will reach the market, or what it will look like then, but it is hoping to finalize the case next year. Beacuse of the early stage it was reluctant to share details, but those looking for a case to grow in should keep an eye out for this one.


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