The Swedish Championship 2010 hasn’t started yet, but we’ve already seen the first world record. Swedish overclocker profile  Ronnie ”Efterlys_T” Pettersson has scared up an Intel Celeron 420 and reach record frequency of 3939 MHz.

Intel Celeron 420 is a processor that comes out of the box at 1.6 GHz and even if a few has been very good for overclocking it can be a real pain finding the good ones. Mean Machine experienced this last year and almost lost his mind.


Efterlys_T used phase change cooling to push Celeron 420 higher than any other has done and the result is a percentage overclock of 146%, a rseult that would have given him fifth place last year, only two percentages from the silver medal.


With a week to go we have already seen multiple nice results and in GPU Classic several members have presented interesting cooling solutions that we hope delivers when the time comes.


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