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Solid State Drives, SSD, are harddrives that simply use memory circuits instead of mechanical components and magnetical discs to store data. The advantage is more or less no noise, very fast access times and low power consumption. What is so far holding SSD back is the relatively poor storage capacity and the high price. Now the analysts at In-Stat says that SSDs will be found inside half of all laptops in 2013. The price difference between SSD and HDD was the foundation of In-Stats’ survey and they are counting on that the prices of flash memory will drop drastically during the upcoming years and about 2010 they expect that SSD and its prices are to be relatively competitive, even for the broad retail market.

”According to In-Stat, SSDs have the potential to dethrone HDD as the top laptop storage choice within 10 years. The research leads the company to believe that the SSD market share in mobile computers could reach 50% by 2013.”


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