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Sparkle Calibre P850 is a budget-inspired graphics card based on the GeForce 8500 GT circuits, which is one of the cheaper alternatives for those who are looking for DirectX 10 support.In spite of that, Sparkle has spent some developing some new features for the card; a new daughter card which attached to the top of the card. The daughter card is equipped with a LED display that shows the temperature of the card or the GPU. According to Sparkle, this is a tool that will expand the possibilities for overclockers to optimize the frequencies of the card.

”Powered by this tiny and helpful tool, user can easily master the working temperature of his Calibre P850 graphic card. The attached sub card reflects SPARKLE’s customer-oriented concept. Beside this innovative daughter card, the Calibre P850 graphic card uses SPARKLE VGA Rectifier Technology (VRT) Technology patented in Taiwan, which set a iron bar on top side of the graphic card to enhances PCB and VGA card Sharper Imaging: Improves and sharpens images.”

Even if we perhaps question the use of such a feature with a budget card, it’s nice to see some fresh thinking among the graphic card manufacturers, even if we’ve seen similar features before.

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