Supermicro has launched its second generation GPU server sporting powerful graphics cards to share the workload during heavy loads. The big news about Supermicro’s latest generation of servers and HPC machines now support NVIDIA’s Tesla T20 graphics cards. These cards are based on the Fermi architecture and will offer great performance at double precision. Supermicro has launched multiple machines where we find up to four cards in the same machine.

Supermicro Appro is a 1U server that holds four Tesla C2050 graphics card and can be paired with either Intel’s latest Xeon processors or AMD’s Opteron processors.

“The launch of the Appro 1U Tetra GPU Server with 4 Tesla 20-series GPUs illustrates Appro’s innovation and leadership in high density computing systems. The Appro 1U Tetra GPU server is the first platform that provides two CPUs and four GPUs in a 1U server package offering a terrific value proposition to HPC customers who need high density and supercomputing performance at lower price points”

Tesla C2050, that is used in the Appro series, is the server optimized version of GeForce GTX 470 with 448 CUDA cores, and 3GB ECC GDDR5 memory. The memory bandwidth is 144GB/s while the sibling Tesla M2050 has a slightly higher bandwidth of 148GB/s and actively cooled. These cards are used by Supermicro in their desktop servers and not rack-mounted servers.



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