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SuperTalent is one of the many manufacturers that have launched harddrives based on the SSD concept and over at Anandtech they’ve taken a closer look at SuperTalent’s new Solid State Drive. SuperTalent SSD16GB25/25M is designed for more of an industrial use than regular consumer products, which is reflected by the significantly lower performance specifications. Both read and write reads are lower than the competition. This hasn’t stopped Anandtech from comparing SuperTalent’s 16GB SSD with two mechanical drives; one 2.5″ and one 3.5″ harddrive. They focus on the SSD technology and the pros and cons of flash-based harddrives.

The low read/write speeds are bottlenecking the performance of SuperTalent’s SSD in most tests, but when you look at the response times the SSD has no problems with crushing the performance of even the Western Digital WD1500 Raptor.

”We think Solid State Drives have an excellent future ahead of them. We are in the early stages of testing drives designed for the more performance oriented consumer market under an operating system (Vista) designed for them. However, we are still impressed with the overall performance of the Super Talent SSD16GB25/25M Flash Drive considering its design limitations for the target commercial and industrial markets.”

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