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DisplayPort is a technology we’ve reported about earlier and summarizing it is simply a replacement for the VGA/DVI interfaces that will be somewhat of a competitor to HDMI. DisplayPort is just as HDMI a digital interface for both high resolution video and sound. DisplayPort will offer higher bandwidth than HDMI, which should result in better prospects for the future and three of the biggest PC builders have already shown its support for the new interface. ATI, which soon will launch the first HDMI video cards for the retail market, has announced it will follow the DisplayPort interface, ”when it seems fitting”. At the same time they estimate that the first computers and monitors with support for DisplayPort will be launched at the start of next year.

”The main backers of DisplayPort are ATI Technologies, Dell, Genesis Microchip, HP, Molex Incorporated, Nvidia, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics, and Tyco Electronics.”

DisplayPort looks to become reality and considering the companies supporting the interface it seems the PC market should be able to adapt relatively quickly. Something HDMI still hasn’t been able to do despite its progress with the home electronics market.


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