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Modular power supplies are different from regular power supplies as you as the user can choose what power cables you want to use. This means that you won’t have to curse the horde of cables blocking you inside the chassis, but can adjust the cables after the amount of components. Most power supply manufacturers has now launched modular power supplies, but far from all of them are fans of the concept. Several manufacturers have pointed out that the modular technology introduces extra resistance in the power supplies as you have to use an extra connector between the power supply and the actual component.

Which would then noticeably decrease the actual current and thus result in negative effects on the power supply’s function. This myth has lived on since the first modular power supplies were launched and at thety’ve now published an article where they’ve tried to test whether this myth is true or not. They’ve tested the current with several different power supplies at different outputs and the conclusion seems to be that the extra connectors results in a marginal decrease of the current, but that the length of the cables are usually a more important factor. An interesting article for those who feel uncertain of the the capacity of modular power supplies.

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