More or less all people who has ever watched a movie or played a video game, in the Science Fiction genre at least, has seen the futuristic 3D-displays that displays the picture in real 3D-picture in thin air. Now it seems the first 3D-display has arrived on the maked through I02 Technology which has launched its HelioDisplay. HelioDisplay uses laser to create 3D-pictures in the air and receive signals from computers, TVs, DVD-players etc. You can also control the picture by moving you finger in the 3D-image, somewhat like a 3D-mouse. This is the company’s first produced model and it will sell a small amount of displays to a what, we pressume, almost ridiculous price. The displays of the future seems to be here today and we will make sure to follow the development of 3D-displays.

:: Look at pictures and videos at HelioDisplay


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