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Anyone with the slightest knowledge on the status of the world’s climate knows that the world leaders are gathering in Copenhagen now. The purpose is talk about the environment and our effect on it, with a clear focus on global heating and the continuously increasing emissions of carbon dioxide. What does this has to do with hardware? Well of course we have the world’s leading IT companies present at the conference.

Intel, Fujitsu, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Konica/Minolta and HP are all there to show their support for the environmental issues. Together with green organizations they will hold a series of presentations, panel debates and discussion on the subject of Green IT. The complete schedule can be found HERE. They count on all IT to make up about 2 % of the global emissions of carbon dioxide, which is actually just as much as the infamous air travel industry. The comparison is lacking of course since the huge number of people who use IT, greatly exceeds those who fly. They still claim that there are great savings to be made, and those of you who are longing for more efficient (and quiet) computers should of course rejoice!

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Except from smaller architectures, LED monitors and ever more efficient power supplies. Maybe you don’t have to leave the computer on when you go shopping just so you don’t have to wait for it to start back up again? There are many interesting questions to debate and we of course wonder if could stop the polar ice caps from melting, or perhaps by folding proteins to find cures for cancer?

No matter the answers more efficient computing is always interesting. More information on Green IT can be found HERE and HERE.


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