3D technology is starting to move into the living room and most manufacturers are working on or have already launched 3D TVs. There has been one annoying requirement however, 3D glasses, something Toshiba hopes to resolve this year already.

Toshiba has revealed that in Q4 it will launch a new series of TVs that all support 3D, without the need for glasses. The new 3D technology uses a system that emits light from different angles from the screen to make the viewer believe he is watching stereoscopic images without glasses.

According to Toshiba there won’t be any proiblems with enjoying 3D effects from different angles, which it has without the glasses technology. And it won’t be heavy on the eyes.

The sales of 3D-TVs have been moving slower than hoped for and the problem is, not surprisingly, the expensive and very annoying glasses.

Toshiba’s solution will not be cheap and  by the looks of it one of the models will be only 21″, which makes us wonder how big the remaining models will be.

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