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Transcend is the next manufacturer to launch a SSD harddrive; TS32GSSD25. Transcend has, just like most other Solid State Drive manufacturers, set its sight on the 2.5″ format to cover the mobile market, but has also chosen to use the older PATA interface. It has announced three different flavors of its SSD device and the only things separating them are the prices and the storage capacities. The flagship weighs in at 32GB, which seems to have become a standard for SSD devices, but it will also offer models with 16GB and 8GB capacity.

Even though there aren’t any official prices, or even specified for what market Transcend is going for we would assume it’s the mobile market.

”Transcend’s 2.5-inch IDE SSD is compact in size and its thickness is only 7.4mm, which makes it very easy to install in PCs and notebooks. In addition, the 2.5-inch IDE SSD has built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality that ensures highly reliable data transfer and increases your systems energy efficiency.”


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